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Due to higher than normal order volumes, please expect a shipping delay of 10+ business days. We appreciate your understanding.

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ID Request Explained

Due to the high incident of fraud in our industry, we have to take extra steps to verify and clear your payment.
Some payments require us to verify your identity.
We do not share your documents with anyone, and we will never ask for them again.

In order to clear your payment, we request that you send us a copy of your government issued ID (e.g. Driver's License/Passport).

Once the documents have been provided please allow 3 business days for us to review.

If you prefer not to send these documents, your order will be cancelled without any penalty.


1. A picture of yourself with the ID held next to your face

2. Clear image of the ID by itself

3. A bill/invoice supporting your billing address. (e.g. Phone Bill, Electricity or other utility bill). This cannot be your Silver Gold Bull order confirmation email.

ID Correct
ID Wrong
ID Correct
ID Wrong